Oh Hello There!

If you’re reading this you’re probably coming here to find out more about me from LinkedIn, Google, Resume, or you’ve heard my name. Well, Hello! You obviously already know my name. So, let me tell you about myself. I started off programming when I was 10 - I used to make video game mods for Half-Life and Quake. Things have changed since then and so have I - One thing that has not changed is my drive and love of programming.

Whether it be Mobile, Desktop, Embedded, or Web - I love programming and am fascinated with the nuances between the different platforms as well as their similarities. One such thing that interests me is the way CSS and JS is ran on Mobile versus Desktop. I also am fascinated by the Linux Operating System and it’s many distros - I remember my first time standing in a store debating on buying my first Linux OS in the form of a Red-Hat Box! Look at me now - I work for Red-Hat!

Below are some of the project’s i’ve been working on. You can also check my GitHub for juicer things!

Tangerine Digital Studio
Abstract Studio
Personal GitHub
Tangerine’s GitHub